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When I came to The Madison I was on a feeding tube, a ventilator, and had a drainage bag for my gallbladder. I was told I would be on these the rest of my life. At 72 this was hard... Read Moreabout Anne S. testimonial

Anne S., resident

"My experience with therapy has been good. They've helped a lot. This is a good place. I was at Donnellson and my kids wanted me to come here to be closer to them." Read Moreabout Aurora testimonial

Aurora, resident

"I've improved with therapy. I couldn't walk a step when I came here. I can walk more now after having come to The Madison. The staff is friendly and the CNAs are so good. I would recommend them for rehab.... Read Moreabout Irene testimonial

Irene, resident

"The rehab staff is good in therapy. When I came in I couldn't stand or walk with balance. Now I have improved my walking and ability to stand on my own with balance improved. I can go to the therapy... Read Moreabout Tom testimonial

Tom, resident

"Restorative care is good and the staff is good working with me. I would recommend the restorative care to anyone that needs it and would recommend coming to this facility." Read Moreabout Mike testimonial

Mike, resident

"I came to the facility because I had broken my hip and needed some therapy. Rehab did well for me and continues to help strengthen my legs. I use the therapy room two times a week with someone present in... Read Moreabout John testimonial

John, resident

"I had a good experience with my therapy at The Madison Senior Living. I would recommend rehab therapies at the facility." Read Moreabout Gene testimonial

Gene, resident

"My sister lives here and the staff takes excellent care of her, she knows everyone and every one her. Great place" Read Moreabout Anonymous testimonial

Anonymous, sister of resident

"I had surgery to remove a brain stimulator and had to be in therapy for physical, occupational, and speech. I had a good experience with the therapy. I feel like I'm back to where I was before surgery. I would... Read Moreabout Richard testimonial

Richard, resident

"I have a good therapist. Speech therapy worked well on my brain. My walking, standing, and balance have improved. I would recommend The Madison." Read Moreabout Linda testimonial

Linda, resident

"I came in because I had been having seizures due to a medication change. My balance along with coordination and awareness had been diminished, having also fallen. Physical and occupational rehab therapy has changed my coordination and concentration for the... Read Moreabout Allen testimonial

Allen, resident

"I came to The Madison after having my left hip replaced a little under a month ago. Walking and mobility, in general, were obviously the reasons for therapy along with strengthening my muscles and joints with therapy. I really like... Read Moreabout John testimonial

John, resident

"I had a knee replacement and came to The Madison for rehab. I'm back to normal and the rehab therapists have been wonderful, they're so good with me. They also helped with concentration and focus. I would recommend for therapy." Read Moreabout Benita testimonial

Benita, resident

"I have been in restorative care, working on my legs and arm strength along with dexterity. The rehab and restorative care have been working well. The therapists are good. I was having trouble holding glasses, but they're working on helping... Read Moreabout Mary testimonial

Mary, resident