By John, resident

"I came to The Madison after having my left hip replaced a little under a month ago. Walking and mobility, in general, were obviously the reasons for therapy along with strengthening my muscles and joints with therapy. I really like that the resistance machine helped me get back to strength with the plan the therapists had in place for me. I spoke to a few people who had used the services of The Madison for rehabilitation, and they all said the recovery and rehab were fast and effective. They all recommended The Madison for rehab therapy. I agree with them based on my experience. If I had to say anything based on my experience where a little improvement could be made, it would be in communicating the next step post-rehab after leaving the facility for home. Overall The Madison has a very good therapy group to work with on my recovery from a hip replacement. They're good at motivating me to push through the discomforts that come post-surgery and work at getting better overall with the rehab. I would recommend The Madison for anyone looking to rehab after joint replacement surgery."

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